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As Zaara was playing with her toys, her attention shifted to the colouring book, Barney..did he know that zaara would colour him blue, black and give yellow spots over, and call him”ill” on barney colouring book??? that what i was witnessing on a lazy tuesday afternoon…
Guess the friction was too much for barney to take and he gave up… the page tore and zaara was like “carbon mamma carrrbon…”
I smiled and as a dutiful mother worried at the very many accents she speaks in and getting tongue tied at seemingly simple words(she called a tomato a MATATO) corrected her-” Zaara, its Broken or tore..the page tore, you dont call it broken, or carbon for that matter” she still ran around the house with the page screaming” carbon…carbon”
Later that day,Mr Z walks in after a tiring site visit and she says..”Dada…barney colouring book CARBON!!!!” He gives me a confused expression and i explain” she calles it carbon broken i guess!
He still asks..but why would she say broken for a torn page? same instant, her beloved toy microwave door cracks open..she goes again” carbon mamma..carbonn”
I roll my eyes…about time rite..emphasising on the fact that i was right..shes just mixed words around saying carbon for broken!
Mr Z is still not convinced, but we have a good laugh…we still cant come to terms of her chattering away, her questions…we’re in the AWWW stage still….cant believe how much shes grown..and so quickly…..time does fly!
After a few days… Mr Z texts me about our so called carbon… talking to some Arab friends, he realises that karbaan and not carbon..means spoilt or torn/ruined in arabic…
Little did we realise that she picked up a different language at nursery! using la for no and hada zaara were all pushed aside as hearsay
Children…they just amaze you…dont they?
so now zaara says “kharbaan” and i dare not correct her…just check what she has now wrecked!!!
“haada zaara haada mamma haada dada”
“la! la! la..”and laughter when i tickle her..
“badein mamma” when i ask her to clean up:D..and thats zaara for you..growing up learning little by little the very many things this world has to offer!


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I think everyone dreams to be a mother, i remember the first day i realised i had ahem …ehhh…..”MATURED”. I was excited that I could be a Mom! Maybe coz i admired being a mom and their love…….unconditional..and then my sister Div was pregnant…though eldest sister was pregnant and had her baby, my adorable Bannu, i was a lil girl then….and he was start of our huge family…….then Div’s happened, and when i moved to dubai, i spent more time wid div and aaru… i saw their was just..BEAUTIFUL…..And my niece, i owe to her the person i am with my daughter! Shes the person i admire the most..the bestest girl in the whole world… she is like that beacuse of my sister, and im soo proud of both of them..

Div..your the best..the moment i laid my eyes on Zaara, i hoped i would love her the way you love aaru..your the best mom and perfect according to me.. I love you and admire you!God bless!

Now im all senti, so let me write something about Zaara…

Shes my first born, shes always made me learn something new about life..
Be it patience(not one of my virtues)

Be it taking one step at a time

Be it listening… which feel i alwais forget to do

Be it loving……children..they can love soo much…

Be it Mr Z, shes shown me a completely different side of his….hes such a great Dad!

The day she was born, i was soo overwhelmed! I couldnt believe i could actually have a baby, I was told by a few doctors i would not be able to when she finally was here, the first of october 2008, i proved everyone wrong… i could be what i wanted…A mom!

Shes truly a blessing…My Zaara….My love

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