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>Thoughts for my birthday


Birthday thoughts.. I have been trying to avoid writing on my birthday and wishing myself, but hey..why not??? Happy Birthday to me!!! I am celebrating myself at the moment, and want this post to remind me always that i must enjoy just being myself! and, this is also for zaara that whatever she becomes, whoever she is, she must live in the moment and love matter what!

This birthday is dedicated to the new me, i consider this my rebirth of sorts…I want to prioritize whats best and do it in the same fashion. We as women are always keen to please others, specially being the daughter who obeys, the sister who adjusts , the wife who is a trophy and the mother who sacrifices…I always joked that half your life you obey and are under your parents and the other half with your husband,, so when do you life for yourself??? the answer is always, i hate it when women loose their identities.. we are sister, daughters, wives and mothers..but when will we be just the ‘I’ we are???
I wish everywoman to do some soul searching..reach up to the stars..grab the oppurtunity to be the dream you saw you would be! put yourself up on a pedestal and be the queen..let no one, nothing be able to touch you..Your pristine..your the best..forget the rest.
I have had a super week so far, getting pampered by Mr Z, songs from zaara..and love from everyone around.. Im truly blessed, I thank God immensely and thank all of you for sharing my happiness
I also have made a list of things i will do this year..yes! Its the birthday resolution…
1. Love unconditionally
2.Enjoy life…you just live y not!
3. Write once a day..even if i dont post it, atleast write
4. Experiment.. try new things, new recipes, learn something new…
5. Wake up and chant “I am the best, i am happy”
6. Exercise well and eat well…
7. and finally remember all the above 😀
Here’s to all of us women…and the wonderful men who love and treat them like a queen!


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>Everyday is a good day

> Is smiling a crime? I kinda always smile, not the cheeky grin but the kind of hey-how-are-you kinda warm smile.I was always known as the girl who always smiles and take it as a HUGE compliment!!!

So i was asked by this person a day ago…”why are you smiling???” not in the good way but the kinda annoyed way
I said-“Ahem..excuse me???” I was amused..hmmm nice question..i thought..
“Im happy so I’m smiling..”so she went about..”why are you happy?” (and now this was serious)
I answered-” Im always happy, i dont think i will find others happy until Im happy”..but unfortunately for her, she did not wait to hear my answer..she went away in a huff.. BAD for her 😀
Anyway moving on..isnt it nice and warm to see someone smile? the pleasant smile, not the Joey tribiani “How you doing…”smile!!!
My mornings start with the I WILL SMILE mode..After my yoga/workout session i just believe that my day will be fabulous. while cleaning up, cooking breakfast..i keep wondering and THANKING GOD for everything he has done for me till date…
Being thankful is another way of being happy…and then the secret..My secret is the SECRET…the book i have a copy in my loo,of which i read atleast a page or two. It just prepares me for the whole day…
I am at a stage in my life where nothing is decided..nothing is living everyday as it comes..and the irony of the matter is that Im absolutely happy…I have learnt a way to deal with life head on and im taking inspiration from all my fellow women bloggers who are soo inspiring!!!
Last saturday, i was dancing and i wore pink..a few years ago i couldnt imagine myself in pink and now my closet has all the possible colours…
Be a something you feel you never would..take a swim..feel the sun on your face.smell the flowers in the garden…stop at the traffic and dont grunt- look around you…pump up the volume of the stereo and sing along…blow a kiss…. wave at the school bus full of children…. add marshmallows in your hot chocolate..this list could just go on…..
Its your just live it the best!!! let everything else wait!!!!


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