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>Interior design firm feature- Yabu pushelberg

>I just remembered that i need to start doing a fitness profile as promised, to many of my friends, as well as write about Zaara’s new lingo..(which im dying to write!) it is Hilarious!!!

But here is another favourite deisgn studio of mine.. They have inspired me to go higher and better each time I design. Did i mention that im an avid researcher and read about anything under the sun…Borders at Mirdiff and Kinokuniya in Dubai Mall have been my favourite spots so much so that even Zaara refuses to leave the place even when we have spent 6 hours in there with no food and water!!!

Yabu pushelberg:

You can view their website here –

They are immensely successful,and have offices in toronto and new york.They are luxury hotel,restaurant and store designers, with a very strong character of thier own. Each of their project is a dream and i love their use of natural lights and elements.

Avenue road: A furniture showroom- very clean lines and focus being the skylight. Natural light
is used so well ,it blend each artist’s work, yet makes them stand out from one other.

The Los Cabos, Polanco Mexico City- hospitality

See the way each form blends into the other? subtle use of colour and texture should also be appreciated!

Their design is characterised by:

-Strong lines, simplicity
-Use of walls as a feature, architecture and interiors blend graphically
-Use of metal and glass and sometimes resin as solid or as a semi transparent unit.

-Strong accents and colours that blend with general architecture

-Experiment with styles,textures and finish they have a bold outlook to a design
the last point being my favourite..They design fearlessly, the art looks positive, and balanced. The design has a sense of rhythm, almost like music notes that blend together to give you the perfect song.
Photos courtesy thomas loof

George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg at their residence
Way to go guys…would love to see more of your work!

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>Design feature-kelly hoppen


Hiya Folks…

Trying to make way through the whole blogging process… and i must admit, the only thing i find boring about it is that like most 9-6 jobs, its one that you have to sit down and type….and that too for a long time until your creative juices start flowing!!!

Today’s journal I dedicate to Kelly Hoppen who has influenced me in more than one way…first she introduced me to TAUPE…one of my favourite colours that i have a whole wall in my home in taupe! it a brings a certain calmness..

Today i feature some of her work and the art of symmetry, these images have inspired me to do better over the years..You can read more about her in

see the taupe with the symmetry? well balanced..very peaceful..

check this beauty with the wenge/black partition! i love mango colour..did you notice the legs??? isnt she a beauty..its quite a subtle play of colours making a BOLD statement

check the living room..i particularly like the way an ottoman is used as a centre table?? nice setting too..and i am also kinda obsessed with white…would do a post on my favourite whites someday!

blue to the finale…taupe, blue seagreen…MAGIC!

dream on….

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