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Christoph Matthias in Dubai

┬áThis was situation- firstly 2 additional rooms, after labelling them as feature dining rooms, we realize that yhave to be private ones too… RM has a brain wave and indicates we could use timber slats on the entrance way… that would be amazing!- i agree and do a visual with the flying man!I feel no-one is convinced,but i think it will work, me and RM agree!
Well, now for the interiors and its finishes. I go through the mood board, RM is unhappy at the whole process going haywire, but helps in technical details. Now to convince the client of the interior mood, I see a part of a very interesting image and decide on the interior facade. Get a go ahead from RR and bang on..we have both the room designs. DD now proposes materials, we get a small sample made.. Everything seems so interesting while on a project..what a drive..and what a team!!! Soon after, me and DD browse through lights.that is when i see these brilliant, flame like pendants..My stomach churns…I just feel this would be ideal…thoughts of cost,availability,finish,suspension(the room did not have a ceiling!) cross my mind…but it just feels what do you do then??? Answer is simple- USE IT! *evil laugh* And we did..everyone questioned it- even the client(the rate was a lil steep) but then…we were sure it would look amazing…
These are the memories while designing the CHI ZEN at the Dubai festival city…Lovely team…lovely realisation.. i still want a few more things added..some things done differently..but I like what I see..Do you want to see how it looked???? Here is the room..and there you see the pendant used..isnt it beautiful..Do visit their link of fb for more images!

We fought for the light till the end… and even used it (though just one) in the private dining at their latest venue at the Chi Zen MOE…(The client still thought this light was too expensive..) But you tell me…isnt it worth it? Just look at the way its glows, It reminds me of the symbolic expression of our soul…untameable…unleashing its desires…beautiful!

This is a creation by Christoph Matthias-Litchenfest. I wrote to him and sent him images when the site was done. An artist and his work must be appreciated! We used the gold plated one, but this also comes in copper and in white.
Moving Forward- I visited the 100 objects of desire event organised by the commercial interior design in Dubai. They had almost all my favourites, missing a few like this one, but then hey- you can have it all can ya? Click over the link above and enjoy…Happy designing…do let me know if you’ve used this or seen it anywhere else!Have an awesome week ahead!!!


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