Trained Architect, Practising Interior designer,Love doing things differently..design is a passion! Complete Foodie..would want to eat if it doesnt kill ;), Amateur Photographer…loves cooking and baking..this blog reflects my thoughts in my words… Have a look into my world, through my eyes.. Do write in ..your comments are much appreciated!

Feel free to Contact me at dina.murali@gmail.com

13 responses to “About

  1. Dear Blogger,
    I would like your email address in order to invite you to a food event. Could you kindly provide me with this?



  2. Josie

    Hi there,

    Could you please send me your email address so I can invite you to an upcoming event?

    Many thanks,


  3. Toshi

    Hi DIna,

    ur daughter looks exactly like u. Great pics.

    Bye & take care

  4. Pooja

    Dear Tina,

    One of of decor clients is looking to host an event, for which we would love for you to attend. Kindly do share your contact details with me on ppillai@apcoworldwide.com to take this forward.


  5. Hi Dina! Loving your site food and your designs… taking a long time savouring each blog from the FiA clan!

  6. Rawya Abdel Qader

    Hi there, can I get by any chance your email address ??


  7. Lizmar

    Is there a way to contact you directly?

  8. trish

    Hey! You should go on YaDig and write your reviews on the places you’ve eaten at in the UAE. You could win 35,000AED+ in prizes this Ramadan for reviewing businesses on YaDig! Local service companies, spas, gyms, hotels, night clubs, coffee shops and more!! It’s pretty cool you should check it out and let all your friends know too! http://www.yadig.com/competition.aspx

  9. Ahmad

    please let me know how we can contact you .

    thank you

  10. Hi Dina,

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award:

    Happy Blogging! ( :

  11. Smitha

    Wow Dina Maam , I thought it was you when I searched for Daal wada and saw your daughters picture and she resembled you …What a coincidence 🙂
    Interesting blog and nice to stumble upon here after so many years

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