Here’s wishing you a fun filled Christmas with some Gingerbread men and women!



Christmas in Dubai is simply beautiful! I must say its even fancier than Eid! All the malls are decorated,every balcony has an odd star,  there are so many wonderful events going around in the malls, parks,communities! I love this festive spirit! It’s in my bucket list to once be somewhere it snows, just to enjoy a White Christmas! Since the time Zaara was born, we have gone back to India during this time, not that we celebrate, but just that we had some event in the family around this time, It was a wedding the first time, then a delivery, then 2 weddings!!


Hence for Zaara, this is the first Christmas of sorts.. She enjoyed meeting quite a few Santa’s, but still doesn’t know the story  behind the Legend of Santa Claus.

Christmas is incomplete without cake, and friends to share them(read neighbours). My lovely friends and families who stay in our building have gone home for the do.Hence Zaara and I are missing them much! Me more than her, I must admit! As a result,we made Gingerbread men and women to feel festive. I just thought making a large cake with icing will all be a waste, with just the three of us to finish! So, Gingerbread it is!And all credit goes to Sally for the fabulous recipe and to Sarah who is in my words, the cookie Queen! She gave us some tips for decorating cookies with royal icing.Very fascinated by this! I would love to learn more, it’s so beautiful and creative!


Have fun baking this with your kids, The Gingerbread recipe is fool-proof and yummy, ice them with your kids, simple and sweet!

The royal icing recipe is here

08I wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas with my Gingerbread couples! May all your dreams come true and stay Safe!


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  1. What cutie gingerbread men! Looks like you and Zaara had a blast making these…wishing all of you a lovely Christmas! 🙂

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