Healthy Orange cake


This is one of the feel good, any-time cake!I have been craving to bake! Since the birth of Aaira, I have had a sweet tooth.I cannot resist sweets and It has left grave effects on my waist line. I am worse than Zaara and cannot stop at one chocolate! This was not helping me get back to my pre pregnancy weight, and half heartedly I decided that I must get rid of all the junk at home and stop baking cakes and anything sweet!!


As you may have guessed, these weeks were  pure, pure torture!! I cannot resist baking!! That too cakes!!!the mixing of dry and  wet ingredients, the smells that surround me and my home, I was missing it all.. I do bake chicken and other dishes at home, but the smell of sweet, soft, warm cake from within my oven is to die for! Hence inspired by fellow foodies in Dubai, I decided that I will bake the healthy way.

DSC_0227-001Ahem..mind you,baking a healthy cake is good and sounds perfect, I will not touch it if it’s not tasty.. a cake has to be a cake, fluffy,soft, melt-in-your-mouth kinds.. Cakes are little bites of heaven, every bite gives you a taste of how heaven would be 😉

On a positive note,I have been eating a lot of fruits and vegetables recently(trying to be good) and found some fabulous oranges while grocery shopping, I must say that My eyes are almost always hungrier than my stomach and I ended up buying a hell lot of Lovely, luscious sweet Oranges!!

Too many oranges finally gave birth to Lemon cake! Ahem, not really, I discovered it from this website while searching for a healthy orange cake . You can find the recipe here.


Though originally a loaf cake, I made it in my cake pan.And I’m glad I made this, as I was taken by surprise- Its tasty and fluffy and yummy..I did have it with tea and even sent it in Zaara’s lunch box.This  recipe is for keeps .Give it a go and let me know what you think!


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6 responses to “Healthy Orange cake

  1. Cake looks so inviting. soon gonna try it out.

  2. I totally understand where you’re coming from!!
    It’s two years now and I still can’t get the baby fat to disappear!

    But I hope I become more strict with my diet now! I have until March to see what will happen lol

  3. What a lovely cake to have with a cup of nicely-brewed tea!

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