The castle cake- And Zaara is 4!

I feel like Adam Sandler in the movie life has gone into an auto-fast forward! Time flies! Aaaira is 5 months old and Zaara just turned four. I’m so grateful to God for everything! I feel content, and as always, love today more than anything else… All that Zaara asked for this time was a castle cake and I was determined to make her one! I must admit that working on projects, going to site, looking after a 5 month old and her big sister AND to have to plan for a tiered cake, its been a hard task!

I looked through websites and found a few interesting links to follow. If your planning a castle cake, cut the chase an look into my pinterest page and select the one you like. I have a few nice ones from all over the web, and the authors are linked in it ! I admire these women for their patience and I salute them!!They make it look so easy!

I had 2 challenges- everything had to be edible, and no or very less fondant! I hate the waste fondant creates..all that hard work and food goes to the dust bin and it depresses me. I generally hate wasting stuff- specially food! It took me 5 days to plan and create this cake, well in bits daily- One day of planning, two days of baking the cakes I bakes 4 cakes in all, 2 cakes per tier- one tier is chocolate and one in vanilla and finally crumb-coating and final day of decorating.

Unfortunately I had to rush for an urgent meeting, which ended in the cake being less detailed! I would have loved to do tiny butterflies and flag, and its in my bucket list to make an amazing CASTLE CAKE for my little princesses some day!

And yes! the dolls are mini cupcakes with fondants on them. I did make the Barbie cake last year and Zaara asked for miniatures this year too..The turrets are Swiss rolls covered in fondant with ice cream cone turrets.I used butter cream icing for the main cake.

Though I was depressed that the cake did not end us as pretty as I wanted, seeing Zaara’s expression and love for it, made me love myself all over again! She love love loved it! She literally kissed the cake and couldn’t imagine it was hers!!! I guess it made up for everything! I was one happy mum..beaming from ear to ear!

I must thank Sweetapolita for all her cake decorating videos and the recipe for vanilla cake and chocolate cake.. her blog takes me to dreamland..and I want to live inside a sprinkles jar!I am a huge fan of hers.. and love the way she makes everything look so pretty!!

Ok now that’s off my chest *ahem* the cake I mean.. here’s a little something for My Zaara..

I don’t write that well, so please bear with me 😉

I love you when you cry, love you when you annoy!

I love you more when you smile….

Love your questions, love the way you walk..Love it when you bring out the best in me,

Hug me when I’m angry and tighter when I’m down!

In you I have found my soul. You are precious, you are perfect, for me you are the best!

I love the Mamma you have made me, I always want to be that mom for you.

You make my days joyous and I say that Silent prayer at night- Oh Lord, why are the days running so fast? Can I hold you a little while past?

You have made your Mamma’s and Dada’s life beautiful in your presence, Aaira is blessed to have a sister in you!

We love you Zaara!




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18 responses to “The castle cake- And Zaara is 4!

  1. amaazing!!! WOW! love it! and adorable little kids mashallah!! ❤ happy birthday zara!

  2. Jacqueline Menezes

    You made me cry and I can’t stop… Zaara is one lucky princess 😀 and I love u coz u are soooo darn amazing 😀

  3. cute adorable kids Masha Allah! belated birthday wishes to Zaara. Love your children’s names!! and love your little poem too..


  4. WOW that is a beautiful castle cake! Happy birthday to your daughter, may all daughters have a talented mother like you!

  5. Deepthi

    Loved ur poem Dina…Sweet

  6. Divya

    Maaan.. you sure can make people cry:(….u r such a beautiful woman!! I miss my girls even more now :(:(….

  7. Ohhh Dina.. wishing your little princess a very very Happy Birthday. She deserves this Castle cake that Queen Mother so beautifully made for her. She’s cute and just like you. Lots of love to her and also the little one – I myself have two daughters and I know how things tug at Mummy’s heart!

    Your message for your princess was equally touching:) God bless…

    BTW. The Barbie cake was also very nice… can’t wish Zara anymore for her 3rd bday, can I?

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