Sneak peek of whats coming soon….

I cant wait to show You more about my new project..

Its a very beautiful home I designed for a very beautiful family.. I have never done anything like this before,and I want to take you with me on a journey, where I show you how a design starts, how visuals are done then drawings and execution to the minutest detail and finally how splendid the interiors look.

If you have a vision, I am here to help you fulfill it.. I promise..

Hope you like the littlr sneak peek of the library!..

I promise you this will be worth the wait!



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13 responses to “Sneak peek of whats coming soon….



  2. Love it … love the colour coding for sure. I’ve been considering it, but I’m tooooo OCD – I need everything catalogued according to author first haha. Nice work Glowy!

  3. COLOR CODED BOOKS!!!! 🙂 Sooo OC!

  4. Divya

    It’s beautiful…waiting to see more Nutty!!!

  5. lekshmy

    Dats a kool libraray Dina..waiting eagerly for more:)

  6. Dina – are the books colour co-ordinated? Or it’s my vision?

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