Unniappam Literally translates to “small rice cake” This is another of my favourite, I love mine with Flour, jaggery, really ripe bananas, Deep fried!!! The authentic version is made of rice flour and ethnically is considered the favourite of Lord Ganesha or Lord Ganapati who is Worshiped by Hindus . He is considered the remover of obstacles, and it is a practise in South India- Predominantly Kerala, to offer him Unniappams. This becomes modak and sometimes Laddoos as we progress from South to North India.

Its been my favourite since my childhood days, waiting for Mom to make this every once or twice a week! We do now get readymade, packaged ones, but the real taste is when they come on to your plate directly from the piping hot pot- Oh and its a very special pot this is made in! Called the unniappa chatti, its in cast iron with spherical moulds in it! We fill it with oil, and then spoon in the batter for the perfect unniappams!


Maida- 1Cup


Banana- really ripe 2

soda powder- 1 pinch

cooking oil-500 ml


Mash peeled banana, while the jaggery is made into a thick warm syrup with little water over flame. add maida and baking powder to the banana and mix well. Add cooled jaggery into this mix and make into a thick batter. In an Unniappa chatti, pour oild half way to fill the mould and spoon the batter when the oil is hot.Turn the unniappams for uniform golden brown colour- Might take a few minutes! Enjoy warm! Makes about 15-20 unniappams.


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13 responses to “Uniappam

  1. These are my all time favs Dina..I make neiappams with only rice flour…infact made one batch yesterday 🙂 your post is tempting enough for me to make another batch with maida this time…lovely pics.

  2. All I’m going to say is: YUMMMMMYYYYYYY!!!

  3. Yummy!!!! My Favourite!!!! Easy to make and yummy to the tummy!!!! 🙂

  4. OMG!! i ms o much drooling over the pics!! craving for few now :(… happy to foolow ur posts :)… if time permits i would love to have you too among my friend lists 🙂 :)… i will surely to come back to this posts for more

    • aww… ur a sweetheart…and i was supposed to do pazhampori wid unniappam, but refrained after seeing it in ur blog..which is superb by the way!!! Im just a beginner..learning thru bits and pieces!!!! we must soooo meet!!!

  5. Such lovely Unniappams – goodness am drooling here at tea time !! ur pics inspire me to make this real soon.

  6. Divya Murali

    Always luvd the ones Mom made (Miss u sooo much Mommy..AGAAAAAAAINNNNN…bu hu hu hu) but never spent time admiring the looks of UNNIAPPAM..wonder when technology will advance that we can pick it up ON SCREEN & eat it…LOL wudn’t tht be AMAAAAAZING!!!Luv u Nuts & great pics !!!

  7. You made the humble “Unniappams” look so sophisticated….I love it!

  8. Ooh yummy! I’m from Bangladesh and we have something very similar to this 🙂 thanks for the recipe!

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