Holiday fun 2011- Tapioca and fish curry

Home..At last… Had been a busy 2 weeks, work, home, shopping, Zaara..etc etc.. What would I ever do without Mr Z??Though i wanted to rush to my Mum’s in Kerala, the minute I landed, I have missed Z more than anything else, I can’t Imagine I could miss him so much!! Same goes for Zaara who asks for him every morning when she wakes up! Z …Come soon!!!


On a high note, I have been enjoying with my parents They are pampering me to bits, I’m afraid I will forget doing chores and cooking altogether!Zaara has been a sweetheart and spends her time with her grand parents, as well as kids from neighbouring homes. In a matter of few days, we have visited a few places, gone to a resort as well as attended a wedding! It’s not been a week yet,everyday is an adventure!This is one holiday I wish would not end!

Amongst many other things, I have been having some of Mum’s specials, which reminds me that This blog is to preserve what we saw, heard, felt and tasted while growing up.Yesterday she made my all time favourite tapioca with fish curry.we call it Kappa- meen curry.

Kappa meaning Tapioca and Meen curry Meen being fish-here its mathi or mackerel curry which is a traditional favourite.

Tapioca is/was the staple food of Keralites(Southern state of India- Famously known as God’s Own Country), this root is available widely in the middle east too, as we form a majority of the Indian population back in Dubai.

Tapioca curry/Kappa Curry

tapioca ½ kilo

For masala

coconut grated,1 cup

Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp

Jeera- ½ tsp

Garlic cloves -2

Green chillies 2 nos

For garnish


Mustard-1 tsp

Dried red Chilli-2 nos

Curry leaves few

Salt- To taste


Chop tapioca to small pieces, half an inch in size. Cook tapioca in water till tender and drain, grind together the masala ingredients and add to cooked tapioca. Mix them together and add salt to taste. Keep aside when uniformly done.Heat oil and sputter mustard seeds, with dried chillies and curry leaves- Garnish the prepared Tapioca  with the above.

Mackerel curry


Small onions-1/2 cup chopped

Small Mackerel cleaned-1/2 kg

Ginger- 1” piece chopped

Garlic cloves- 5-6 chopped

Green chillies-3 medium chopped

Red chilli Powder – 2 tbsp

Coriander powder- 1 tbsp

Turmeric Powder-1/2 tsp

Fenugreek powder- ½ tsp

Tamarind pulp- half a cup(a lemon sized chunk diluted in water,ideally)


Curry leaves- few



Heat Oil, fry chopped Onions, ginger ,garlic, chillies , curry leaves and fry till transparent/ lightly brown. Add the masala powders, after 3 mins add tamarind pulp to mixture , add more water if the consistency seems  too thick. Let this sauce simmer and add the cleaned fish. Let it cook in medium to low flame for 15 minutes or till gravy thickens. Wait till the smell of this aromatic curry fills your home! You could do variations by adding Coconut Milk and making the curry less spicy or add some chopped tomatoes to make it tangy! Goes really well with Tapioca/rice


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27 responses to “Holiday fun 2011- Tapioca and fish curry

  1. These photos are beyond gorgeous! JUST LIKE MS GLOWY HERSELF! *hugs*
    I’m glad you’re having a good time; must be so weird without Mr Z 🙂
    When are you coming back to the hot shores of Dubai (ok slightly cool now ;))?
    Oh and our Moms’ food will always rock. Here’s to preserving it all the traditions 🙂

  2. Super! I shall wait for you to come back and make it!!

  3. lovely photos Dina!

    as soon as I get my groove back in the kitchen I will give this a try. Enjoy your vacation and hugs to Zaara

  4. Hi Nut, thanks for this first thing in the
    morning here. I didn’t know mathi had gorgeous looks too until today…isn’t she sexy?

  5. lekshmy

    Ooooooo…Dinaaa…Lovely yellow kappa glow…the thick gravy in the meen chatti…heartfelt delight to see these…Hope u r havn a gr8 time at ur mum’s…everyone does right!!!!Take care!!

  6. I’m glad you’re enjoying your time and staying busy!
    These photographs are amazing!
    I didn’t know that Tapioca is something else other than the pearls!

  7. What does a tapioca plant look like?

  8. Whoops – just saw your wiki link on tapioca – thanks!

  9. This looks so good! I must try this soon (specially because of the mackerel). Thanks for sharing the recipe and gorgeous pictures!

  10. Vrinda

    slurp!slurp!!!!…….those pics make the sardines look even more drool-worthy!love your photography!

  11. Divya Murali

    Ohhh…I miss home sooo much now!! Momz cooking & your photography is a great combo!! Loved it Nutty!!!! Chechi’s comment on ‘SEXY’ mathi is hilarious..LOL..

  12. Dina……………..really u made my mouth watery.

  13. Farwin

    Wow,Dina,Congrats ! Just saw the photo on Tastespotting.We cook tapioca and have it with coconut sambal.Next time I’ll try with meen curry.It will be awesome,I’m sure.

  14. Loving the bright and colourful pictures!

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