Eid break 2011

Yes, this is a Zaara update. We had taken a small break during these Eid holidays where the aquaphobic Zaara enjoyed making sand castles and playing in the pool. Quite a feat – I’m impressed!

Reminds me of the time I took her swimming,when she was younger(a year old)…she cried throughout the session, we did not enjoy it one bit! This was a welcome change,happy to see Zaara having fun with her Dad!

I wish the stay was longer, we came back craving for more…


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2 responses to “Eid break 2011

  1. She’s scared of water…any reason? I’m not scared of water but now scared to learn swimming thanks to my father’s not-very-reassuring techniques of trying to teach me when I was younger.
    I love being at the beach with my feet in the water or paddling around a pool. Hope she gets used to it…it’s a lovely thing to do.
    And glad you had a nice break!!!

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