The Pink ribbon

This is the month my blog turns PINK! No, it’s not my favourite colour, but this post is dedicated to all those brave women who battle cancer, Breast cancer to be specific, hence the blog is Themed pink today! I lost my favourite aunt to Cancer 2 years ago, she was the epitome to beauty, intelligence , love and courage.Every year we walk for breast cancer with Burjuman, in her memory. So we have a few events by Famous food bloggers of the UAE in Dubai

@Rajini Mani &@Doggiechef (Lin)  are supporting @SafeAndSoundAE by donating 10% of the sales they generate from @Pickle-in-d-Middle & @Lin’s doggie treats. Do visit them at  At the Garden centre, Sheikh Zayed road for some special curry mixes, pickles and chutneys as well as for some doggie treats for your Pets!

All the food bloggers have a post dedicated to this, and you can read more about this here

If you have a foodie in you or love to read about the evolving food scene here in the Emirate, have a look at the ever-growing bunch of food bloggers in the UAE here

I’m happy to say that Fooderati Arabia, has come together to bake for this cause! We food obsessed bloggers wanted to be an important part of the whole Breast cancer awareness programme and got ourselves a table for Cakes for a cause, organized by Burjuman on the 13th of October- There were cakes.. and there was baking.. Loads of it!

Arwa.A lootah of LamereCulinaire

Maryam Saffarini of Maryambakes

Abigail of mynappytales

Meris Cherian of Cheesecakism

Shafeena of shafeename

Rebecca of frekles with her friend Zain who baked and sold our cakes for us!

Yasmin mebar of Redpandabakes and of course me!

Pic below Courtesy Rebecca Gabbai

We all baked a variety of cupcakes, images you can find above of our table at the Burjuman Cakes for a cause held Oct 13th 2011

I made a few varieties for this, and I must thank my friends at Dwp uae for coming by and doing their bit for this wonderful cause- It wouldn’t have been the same without you guys!!!!  My heartfelt thanks.

The cupCakes were


Double chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganache icing and centre dressed by a pink ribbon, recipe adapted from Martha Stewart’s devils food cupcake  but after i baked, I removed the centre with a teaspoon and filled it with some chocolate ganache. pink ribbon was made in fondant!

Nutella Cupcakes nutella icing and a pink ribbon recipe from 52kitchen adventures

Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing- simple vanilla cakes


225 gms unsalted butter(room temp)

225 gms caster sugar

225 gms self-raising flour

1 tsp baking powder

4 eggs

1tsp vanilla essence

preheat oven to 175 deg baking cases in cupcake tin,Place all ingredients in a medium bowl and beat with an electric whisk until smooth and pale about 2-3 mins.

Remove from tins from the oven and cool for 5 mins. Then remove cupcakes and cool on rack.

Whipped cream topping


Instant whipping powder

1/2 cup milk

1tsp vanilla essence

beat at slow speed till peaks are formed, apply over cupcakes and decorate as you like!

Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing and soft centre

recipe can be found here

I even attempted Cake pops..which I must admit was not as successful as I wanted them to be! But do try it,this video is an amazing one

Okie Now I do admit that I’m an internet junkie and go through loads of blogs for a good recipe! All for a great cause aint it?

I was very impressed by all the tables set at the event, All in the name of charity! And I was so glad to meet fellow food bloggers- Abi, I’m sure it was your welcome dance that lured everyone to our table and our cakes were all gone in less than 3 hours! Bravo Ladies! Very proud of our group- Fooderati Arabia who came together for such an amazing event!

Here’s to my aunt-Late Mrs Jameena Thulaseedharan and to all of you battling the disease!  Lets BEAT IT!





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26 responses to “The Pink ribbon

  1. oh god, all these cakes look sooo scrummy!

  2. Arathu

    i want to come to ur home dina chechi…..!!!!!for all these yummy cakes!!!

  3. What a great post! Love the pictures…my mouth is watering already 🙂

  4. I’m so sad I missed this…the day you all posted the pics, I went home with a sugar deprived sore tummy 😦

    …and your fondant ribbons are adorable…you’re so talented, share some of it around lady!

  5. Lovely pictures..all the cakes are looking scrumptious…Oh ! how I missed this day 😦

  6. Fab

    Amazing!!! Those cupcakes look too good to eat!!

  7. Divya

    Well done nutty!!! Your cupcakes look sooooooooo yum yum!!!

  8. nishya murali

    I love this blog Nut…try some ‘nut’ cakes..

  9. rani

    Very Good Dina, I really appreciate your effort and talent!!

  10. How beautiful are these cupcakes?? Makes me want to dive in lol
    love the new look too :))

  11. wow.. so much effort and love have gone in to make these beauties … wish I could have made it to Burjuman to taste the yummy treats … And congrats on being featured on foodgawker 🙂

  12. Veena

    I was one of the lucky ones to grab the cup cakes .All who missed ………guys it was spongy,attractive,awesome ……what more uummmmm yummmmmy cup cakes.Fooderati Arabia team you guys are fantastic.

  13. @shuamaila.. thank u…missed u 🙂
    @arathi… darling ur always welcome home…walk in take the cakes!
    @Tasmea aw.. thank u.. still working on my photography 🙂
    @inafryingpan Im making a few for u when we meeet this week!!! naah the ribbons r just alrite.. u knw me and fondants!!!

  14. Pink is also not my favourite colour – but I think it’s time to change my opinion. I wish I could chance upon them a bit earlier:(

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