Zaara turns 3

Quite disappointed at the fact that I havent blogged as much as I wanted to! I have been trying to do so, since the past few weeks, but I was just so lazy! Somehow, I hate sitting at my laptop right now, specially for myself. Cant help but do it while I work! Havent been keeping too well recently and Hate doing most of the stuff I loved to do! I hope this is just a phase and it shall pass by…. soon!

This post is, a day late – Zaara turned three yesterday- 1st Oct 2011! Children, how soon they grow! and she being the complete foodie had her list ready for  us! She wanted 3 cakes! A Dora, Hello kitty and a Barbie cake! I must admit that I have been having sleepless nights since I have heard her asking for these, as firstly, I’m tired of baking cakes and secondly I barely have the time to do it! I’m terrible at icing and fondant and these consume time! I tried running away from making them by convincing myself that I could buy them, or even coax her into liking a store cake! But my conscience didn’t allow me to do so, This is something she has been asking for, since months now, and hence I decided to give my best shot.. All for my Zaara..

She is so special for us,It has sure been an amazing 3 years, me and Mr Z reminiscing about the time just before delivery, after her delivery and the time that just flew by.. We even went through a few of her photographs.. Amazing journey! She has taught us so much!

We love you Zaara and hope you have many more of these fun filled days!!

For Zaara on her 3rd Birthday-

You can write A now, Sing way too many songs(even a few Im not very proud of..Ahem)

Still confuse with C and P- Claying for Playing, Clate for Plate.. But it just sounds cute!

Your no longer afraid of water and love going to the beach!

Your very talkative just like your mother! Your Dad adores you and secretly wishes he was your age ;D

You love Dora and Hello Kitty, Watch barney and Barbie as well, You also love spider-man and Ben 10!

I enjoy watching cartoons more than you do, Half the cd’s I buy are in your name!

You make up your own songs with your own lyrics… Ride your bike at the park and sing  aloud.

I secretly wish You loved me more than your Dad 😉 You’re a true Dada’s girl! Even the cakes I baked hasn’t helped!

You count from 1-10 in spanish, thanks to Dora! Still picking up on hindi which Dada teaches you..and I enjoy listening to those conversations.

You are our little princess- and will remain our most precious one forever.

I cry every time I have to scold you , I feel guilty about it for a week, even when you have done something absolutely naughty, and I find ways to make it look adorable in my mind…

You are terrible at colouring and I have all your colouring books stacked up.. Its so sweet to see black barney!

The list just goes On and on.. We love you Zaara!

Now,Coming back to my topic of cakes-

Have a look at the cakes I made! Managed to make just two, but definitely had all three characters in the two cakes

Cake one- The Devils food cake with a fondant hello kitty and Dora Recipe for devils food is here

Cake two- The Barbie cake! Vanilla with whipped cream frosting slightly tinted pink! and the video to make this is here

Zaara is not very fond of butter cream frosting, so I usually do the whipped cream.. worked quite well I guess, Had her friends at the nursery lick it off the cake!!

I have also not taken any good photos recently. I’m sorry, I promise the next post will be better. Excuse the bad pics..

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9 responses to “Zaara turns 3

  1. happy birthday to your lil one! you’ve inspired me totally so much effort for the cake its superb i am sure Z must’ve been thrilled! loved it 🙂

  2. Divya

    Lovely Nutty….just wish I was there to share your happiness……Missin u all sooooo much!

  3. Happy Birthday Zaara! V’s bday coming in 2 weeks and I’m having nightmares already.

  4. Love it, love it, love it! So creative! Happy birthday to the lil’ sweerheart!

  5. Lovely cakes Dina!!! And wishing Zaara a very Happy Birthday!!! Your cakes have inspired me to go for the fondant next time 🙂

  6. L-I-A-R!! you are fabulous at making and icing and decorating cakes – readers don’t believe her!! I have eaten proof of a beautiful Dina-made cake!

    This barbie cake is so pretty…takes me back to the time my mom made the same thing for me when I was 5 or 6…these memories will last Zaara for a lifetime, I know they have for me. She’s very lucky to have you as her mommy.

  7. Priyanka

    Happy birthday big Zaara..:) Lovely post Dina..We should definitely meet up when you are here..:)


  8. @rajani Thanks a lot, she did have a wonderful birthday!!!
    @divu…miss u loads..cant tell u how much!!! 😦
    @abigail aww.Im sure u will come up with something amazing!
    @devina..thanks so much!!! means so much to me!
    @najla.. thanku darling!!!waiting to see ur creations!!!
    @inafryingpan ur too sweet..first time being a lir was a compliment!!!
    @priyanka we sure will mid december when i come by bangalore!

  9. Zaara

    😉 Thanks for the cake, it was yum!

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