Art attack!

September came, is almost gone! Time just flies, and our children grow so quickly. I bet My mum said the same thing when she saw us then! After we moved in here, at our new apartment, everyday has been full of surprises, in one way or the other. Workwise, personally and we have been quite good at change so far. We both being taureans do not react well to change, and I know from experience that I hate moving and get awfully attached to anything and everything.

The same goes with our choice of furniture, We hate throwing away unwanted/old things, Im always in the look out for how well something unwanted can be reused and shared with family and friends. We tried reupholstering our living room furniture and Im still nagging about how disastrous it turned out, But Im hoping that it will be resolved by the end of this week!I want to share the before and after pics of our apartment, but only when it is fully accessorized, Its done on a budget, and Im happy with the results! There are many more things I want to do, but Im not a very crafty kind of person, as I always say- Patience is not my virtue and I get bored very easily and abandon projects and even blog posts mid way through writing and editing them…

Picture 02                                                                                             Picture 01

We had two art pieces, which appealed to me at the time i bought it(hearts??? really???), but I grew tired of the way it looked and it had no place in our new home. Hence I started to think of ways to reuse them- as a panel? as a base for something? and then I gave up the overly innovative idea and made  them both hand painted art work.




You can see the result, It took me 30 mins for 2 art pieces, 3 tubes each of oil paint.(I used the ordinary student range)

Painting 01

Painting 02

You must give it a try too.. Im sure anyone can do this! Specially if I can! 😀


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7 responses to “Art attack!

  1. Divya

    Wooooooww Nutty……I really liked the blue/yellow combo with the white lightning striking in between….the red one which looks like a white whirlpool is good too….Maan…u’ve got to start giving names to your pieces of art!!! I’m getting poetic already!! :P:P

  2. lady, tell me, WHAT CAN YOU NOT DO?! 😉 this is crazy cool…artsy superwoman = you.

  3. I love the 2nd art! Every morning I think of ways to do something new then after my cuppa coffee laziness kicks in.

  4. These are beautiful! What a beautiful re-use/recycle idea!

    This is a GREAT idea if someone finds a canvas they don’t like cheap at a flea market — just paint over it! Similar idea — I have a piece of wood art I got because I like the frame but not the image in it, so I’ve been looking for the perfect 30″x30″ picture of a big contemporary poppy flower for awhile to decoupage over it!

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