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Rains… I love the Rains, I can’t recollect of anyone who doesn’t like the rain! Was in Kerala for a short trip and it rained!!! and HOW! Loved my stay, excited at the new avenues opening up,anxious about the future! Boy!I’m sure a mixed bundle right now! It’s all very exciting and challenging but it is never boring! I love challenges and I love to do things differently! Coming to Rains.. I love everything about it- The cloudy skies, the smell of wet sand, the lush greenery it imparts to every leaf it touches.  Even in an odd sort of way, love the traffic jam, the puddles, the dirt it creates..It spares no one. A good design according to me, should be like the Rains Must make everyone stand and think! Spare no one in its way to reality.

As mentioned that I love the SMELL of rain, I have a love for natural elements in interior design- wood, stone, water,floral patterns the list being endless. I’m a huge fan of japanese design, as I feel they optimally use nature as a part of their design,or rather, they make their livng-entertaining-commercial spaces a part of the nature  it occupies. A few months ago, on a supplier meeting day, We were introduced to some lovely Parquet flooring material.

Wow! Isnt it? That is just what I thought!I have never understood of having two different wings when it comes to a Design studio, the FF&E and the concept/detail designers Shouldn’t they all be the same person? How can someone choose materials when they do not understand the circulation, the concept, the plan or the detail? How can someone plan without knowing what materials are to be used? When I landed in dubai 6 years ago, the question of if I’m an FF&E Designer or a detailer or concept designer arose many a time and when I replied that I was probably all of it, The look on the interviewer has varied from a Smirk to astonishment. It’s a debatable topic, but Im going back to my love of nature – Wood – flooring ,today to be precise!

Arent these lush???

Or for these?

I would die to have this at home…my dream home!!!

And I know just where to use these now!!! Im designing something superbly exciting and I want to use this flooring as a part of the design concept! For more of these gorgeous flooring- have a peek at mafi

All these images are from them! They did a small presentation for us, and i was blowN away by their products…and the smell..It smelled just like RAIN!

I would also use this tiny space in here, to thank Commercial interior design for featuring me in their blog section! I have to say I am receiving a minimum of 25 hits a day since then! Thankyou to all of you who read this blog, and to my favorite people in famished in arabia who always inspire me in more than on way!

I hope to see more designers blog and would love to connect to more of you Out there!

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