Design- Kids Room- Boyz

Had my sister visit me from the UK for a week ! Was so much fun, but must admit the summer heat is unbearable.. By the end of it all, we were all exhausted! It was really great to have them around, specially my adorable nephew..he’s grown so much!I can’t believe hes “A Man” now, no longer the cute little boy i carried around on my hips!

Moving on… This is a blog post on Interior Design..Yay! I have a few others typed half way through, but composing, editing and uploading re-editing and more editing has taken the life out of them. While My Sis and Me were having our  random girly sessions, we started discussing homes, I was narrating my experience with designing other’s homes over these years(not that many, but a few unique ones!) and she asked me if I like a large home or a small one! Now this got me thinking..coz I did not have an answer.Once upon a time, I wanted everything in my house at arms reach,small rooms,no passages etc but now, I’m not sure… What i do know is that I want a home with no doors other than the Main door! Strange??? Not really Its something I will put up in a future post.. Architecturally space moving into the other!!! EXCITING! Did I also mention that I would want to do the architecture when I do my dream home? Yep! So watch this space for more!!

As mentioned earlier, the idea of kids room always fascinated me, As kids, we made tents  with bed sheet between beds and brought in books to read-with a torch lamp, Sisters playing teacher-teacher,Shani Foni..larger classrooms and tents when cousins come over, I’m sure most of us have been through these stages of enact and play! While doing the house of a very dear friend, who is worthy of a whole post in here, I was charmed by the way she wanted her son’s room to be- Pirate themed!!

How cool a mum is that???

following are the images i found on the internet to put a few ideas together….

Yes, Thats Where the bed is! Amazing yeh????

From the bed you walk down the rope way and down the ladder! Talk about adventure!



Designer’s guild have a series of wall paper, furnishings etc for children that I totally adore..their around the world wall paper, my best friend fabrics are featured above…They have many more to their range..and the colours are combinations are so pretty!

I have had a thing for swings since I was young! I love the swing/hammock themed room..a lovely arty feel to the whole pirate bit!

I want to do a girls bedroom post soon, and I promise!

To see how the room finally looked like, You will have to wait for a month more! I promise to put the image up once its ready- I cant risk Pirate Ayaan’s room being hijacked!



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2 responses to “Design- Kids Room- Boyz

  1. Priyanka

    I remember once one of our earlier assignments in 1st yr of arch was designing a kids bedroom & I went bonkers!!! coz i dint know how to do up their room..P But yes it was a fun exercise…which 1st made me realize it just not abt bright colors..but one thing for sure..they get bored sooner than u expect..:)

    • We have done some stuff back in college too, and i actually still have those sheets!!!! So true tht u said its not just about bright colours… I think its more flexibilty! and kids and grownups get bored so soon these days… Im sure U will love wht i have proposed… will post it in here for sure!

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