Crab Roast

Summers are here, venturing outside is nothing less than walking into a sauna, Hot and Humid! In the last few days,the heat has gotten worse!While at the local supermarket, I was wondering what different to make this week.I love variety, and try my best to make something different(though predominantly indian) every day. When we were kids, things were different. Dad was a chef extraordinaire! He is still, though we are not around him all through the year to enjoy his delicasies..starting from Indian, Chinese,Continental, He’s tried and excelled at all. He introduced us to the various smells and feels in the kitchen-and always insisted that what tasted good, must look better. Presentation was everything! Mum is a fabulous cook as well, but Dad just is a step ahead!

When i was grazing through the fish section, these luscious crabs caught my attention. I have never cooked Crab myself in Dubai Mr Z is not a great fan,but I love them. I have been in Dubai since the past 6 years and havent tried a lobster dish here. Sad is my story 😉 , back to my tale, I took three of these gorgeous looking clawed creatures home, and decided to make Mom’s special= Crab roast.

The recipe is not complete without a brief conversation with her which lasted half an hour 😉 nevertheless, I think she was proud that I was gonna make her special she even called in later to check how  it had turned out! Well crab-e-licious.. Mum’s recipe’s never fail-do they?

So here goes


3 crabs (Cleaned and steamed with half a cup of water,pinch of salt and turmeric(for about 10 mins))

onions – 2 medium-sized

turmeric powder-1/2 tspn

chilli powder- 1 tsp

ginger garlic paste- 1 tspn

green chillies – 1 chopped

pepper powder-1 tsp

curry leaves-5

oil 1 tsp

salt – to taste

You could also add a medium-sized tomato – I like mine without it.

Pour oil into pan, add ginger garlic , stir for a minute. Add onions and curry leaves and saute till onions turn light brown. add chillies and cook for another 5 minutes in a medium flame . Add the masala – chilli, turmeric and pepper with salt.the raw smell of the masala will vanish after 3 minutes or so, add half a cup of water(in case there is water left behind in the steamed  crab , you can avoid adding more water) add crabs, put lid on and cook for another 5-10 minutes till the sauce is absorbed by the crabs.

Serve hot with rice!


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12 responses to “Crab Roast

  1. Looks lovely! Might have to run out to the store and buy me some crabs this week 🙂

  2. All my favorite south Indian flavors AND CRAB! I don’t think I’d ever be able to cook crab at home, I don’t know, the pincers sort of scare me 😉 But if’s always welcome if someone else makes it [hint, hint!]

  3. Looks absolutely delicious, awesome snap… This is a great fav. with my hubby. As for me, I Iove the taste, but find it hard to remove the shell.. needs experience, I guess…

  4. Mmmmmmm…. I can smell and taste the crab n spices *drooling*
    amazing photos Dina! Luv

  5. I love crabs!! And specially making them at home, rather than eating out… ‘cos there’s only one way you can eat crabs – dig in and suck the meat n juice out. Yum! 😛 I’m gonna try this and hand this recipe over to mom too – she’ll love this am sure! 🙂 Nice pictures too!

  6. Veena Das Manoj

    Lovely pics darling , tempting toooo!!!!! Its been loooong since I prepared crabs …..will try valiyammachi’s receipe next timw for sure.

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  8. OMG! But where’s the ‘Malayalee’ crab gravy? I want a good easy recipe for that. Pink in the background – this Crab must be the queen of the crabs!

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