Chocolate Lime cheese cake and an array of cupcakes.

Watching Nigella Lawson cook is just amazing! I’m a huge fan of hers, specially the way she flirts with food! And the various adjectives she uses while cooking. She definitely is, among the prettiest cookery show host and its so much fun watching her! We are a family of fans Me, my sisters and niece. We love Nigella! I have prepared many of her recipes,cakes and desserts predominantly. I was craving for cheese cake this thursday and voila Nigella shares her recipe of the chocolate lime cheesecake!

A family get together on the cards I decide to bake it up! I make the cheesecake, along with cup cakes a variety of them. Choco chip vanilla cupcakes, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with mint, rose and chocolate frosting!All this under 3 hours. It’s not tough,though it sounds like a lot of work.

The lime cheese cake with chocolate base can be found here I clicked a few pictures, my first images with a try of white balance I hope it looks good. Comments /suggestions/criticisms are appreciated.I have sprinkled a few chocolate chips over it and it tasted yum with the tangy lime cheese cake melting in your mouth!We cut this cake at 1 am and even though i carried my camera, i forgot to take a picture of a cut slice! Darn! I now have to make it all over again.(*yay*)

The cup cake recipe is the usual simple cupcake, I made one batch and then divided into 3 with chocolate chips in one,melted chocolate in another and kept the last bit plain.

The Recipe

 225 grams self-raising flour

225 grams butter

225 grams castor sugar

4 eggs

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp vanilla essence

Beat the butter and sugar to a creamy mixture and add flour with eggs, sift in baking powder ,add vanilla essence, Mix them together and make 3 portions.

Add 100 grams of chocolate chips into one, 100 grams of melted chocolate into another/or cocoa powder(2 tbsp).

Pour into cupcake cases, takes 15-20 minutes to bake.

Also my try with frosting I used the icing pipe for the first time, I need to get better at it! More desi recipes coming up!

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13 responses to “Chocolate Lime cheese cake and an array of cupcakes.

  1. I’m no expert at photography, but I think those cheesecake shots are among some of the best I’ve seen. Well done!

  2. lekshmy

    Well shot Dina…Definitely urges one 2 try it out..Good goin!!!

  3. That cheesecake looks yummy! Well shot too, Dina!

  4. Divya

    Sooo glad to have a Nigella in our family too!!! They luk so yum!! Should start thinkin about a cookery show like Nigella’s…what say??? Aaru still prefers Nigella’s cookery shows to even her fav cartoon shows!!:):)

  5. Great post! The photos are amazing!! Well done
    I made this cheesecake before n I adore nigella. It really is one of the easiest most delicious cheesecakes I tried.

  6. …so this is what I think of the pictures:

    I LOVE THEM!!!! D: love the one of the cheesecake and 2 cupcakes the best, and I love how you’ve positioned only a semi circle section of the cheesecake in the frame. Very nicely done, and the white balance definitely worked!

    What cam are you using? Are you shooting in RAW? I hope you’re going to make it to the photo workshop!!

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