Zaara – June 2011

As I am exploring the pros and cons of word press, I also want to try to make this blog a tiny scrap-book of our memories of Zaara growing up. This June, I enrolled in a photography class as I wanted to improve my near non-existent photography skills. I have taken a laptop full of images in a point shoot camera, and got lucky a few times, but I have always been fascinated by the power of  a good photograph. Now that i have time in my hands, I wanted to venture into the world of photography. Hence the whole vow of uploading my own pictures when i blog. Lets hope I make some progress.

Zaara loves her bike. I had to do a  photography assignment and tried to do it in the park near home, and to keep her from distracting me, I took her bike with us. She is just two and a half, and I have not taken her cycling before, so the first 2 days, she was just happy jumping on and off the bike! She was more excited walking alongside as I clicked away…Day Two was Zaara falling down more often than me clicking pictures, a little frustrating seeing the little one cry and get hurt..but nothing too serious, a silent prayer to the Lord!Thanking him! I remember falling far too many times and bleeding…when i was a child.

Day Three was almost the same, but she started with reverse pedaling and seemed to enjoy it.

Day four..what happens? have a look…

There you go Zaara…u have finally crossed the first hurdle and pedaled the bike! Shes so happy and we cycle everyday now..

Cycling around the park, Is the new thing to do For Zaara and Me! 


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2 responses to “Zaara – June 2011

  1. and the pic is just too lovely…..

  2. Divya

    beautiful pic Nutty..wonder hw u got her to stand still or mayeb she ws still because she ws on her BIKE!!! Lovely lil pie!!

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