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Today, We must all thank Architect Frank Lloyd Wright for what he has gifted us- Organic architecture. He has been famous for many other works, amounting to 500, but the gift of nature, specially today,where we are still learning to preserve nature’s resources, its application in architecture is what we must learn from the Legend.

For all you non -art/architecture enthusiasts- Frank lloyd wright(june 8th 1967-April 9th 1959) is the Father of Modern Architecture. His interests doesnt stop at architecture, but at interiors, art – he was a writer and an educator as well.
The image below is of his most famous work:The FALLING WATER.
You can read more about Falling water here
For architects and designers, He is one of the most famous architects of all time. Did you know that he was the inspiration for Ayn Rand’s FOUNTAIN HEAD, Howard Roark was FLW himself?, I got to see the movie version and the designs and drawings are reminiscent of FLW’s work.

As an architecture student, i always wanted to imitate his style, Im not sure how far i got, but then according to me,I believe that his love for Organic architecture began unknowingly- The forms he chose was very close to the art he chose from Japanese artists. Known to deal in art and interiors while doing his homes, he had a strong liking towards Japanese architecture, which is very close to nature in everysense!
Wright’s desire to amalgamate man and nature is definitely inspired by the japanses style. Hence the term organic architecture was coined by Wright, in his writings.
The other kinds and types of work by FLW are mentionable, but i would like this to just be a part of the very many series of his design and its evolution, which i would want to emulate through my blog.
His usonian houses, Prairie houses, work with mentor Louis Sullivan are all interesting, but my love for Organic architecture surpasses all the rest.
In a nutshell, Organic architecture :
  • Organic architecture has to be sustainable, healthy,conserving and diverse.
    Unfold like an organism from its seed within
  • Exist in continuos present and begin again and again
  • follow the flows and be flesxible and adaptable
  • satisfy local,spiritual and physical needs
  • Grow out of site and be unique
  • celebrate the spirit of youth, play and surprise
  • express the rhythm of music and the power of dance!

What an inspiration! But I must say he remains Forgotten, Would architects, builders,land owners think of sutainability until and unless imposed on them? I wonder how many buildings in Dubai are built keeping the natural landscape intact!I cannot recall of anything I’ve seen that blends with the desert’s natural landscape other than the Army vehicles on the roads of Abu Dhabi!
Sustainabilty is definitely the way forward,Its amazing how the greatest architect of all times lead us to it with Organic architecture!Has any structure here in the UAE been able to apply the aforementioned rules of Organic architecture?
The hunt is on….


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3 responses to “Design Feature-FLW

  1. >Good read…U know the my thesis concept was organic architecture..thou I could not take it forward till the end of design..:PI'm glad he is a gemini too :DCheersP

  2. >Hey Dina, I know very less of the concepts and science of Architecture.. and not sure if this falls in the organic category. We came across an article in Hindu and met this architect from Thrissur concepts were good .. they use less cement and a lot of mud /sand for plastering… We visited a couple of houses made in this manner and i ve to agree that they are really suited for the Kerala clmiate.. the insides of the houses are so cool coz of all the naturals materials used .. I am not sure how feasible it is but wudnt it be great if this can be practiced widely..-Smitha

  3. ME!

    >Priyanka…Was it? amazing!!! Hes a gemini! Hope U do sumthing awesum like him too!Smitha- Yes they r organic architects..picked up from laurie baker- who also has done some amazing work! Thanks for the link!

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