Summer’s Minty Mango


I have just realised that My design wing is slightly abandoned at this point in time. I reckon that its because while i design, i refuse to write about it, I do have a few more famous designers to feature, though it will have to be my next post, as these are dedicated to the MANGOES in this season
Mangoes are very dear to me, back at home, at the start of summers we would relish every type of them, be it badami, alphonso, totapuri,malgova the names and types being endless..
But slowly as the watermelon and other fruits roll in, mangoes take a backseat and then Mom would literally find innovative ways of feeding us mangoes, Mango ice cream, sorbet, Mango puliserry, mango pickle, mango jam, mango squash,mango pulp etc again a long list!
This is a drink we invented at home, and we call it-
Minty Mangoes
2 whole ripe mangoes peeled and pulped(do not strain)
2 oranges
small bunch of mint leaves
1tbspn honey(optional)
Spoon in the mango pulp into 4 glasses and leave them in the freezer. squeeze the oranges, crush mint and blend them in a blender , i also crush them togethr with a mint crusher and mix them well(tedious,but a decent work out)add honey if you feel the oranges are sour.Strain them into the glasses with the mango pulp out from the freezer .Garnish with mint leaves and a tiny dollop of whipped cream.
refrigerate for an hour before serving.Makes 4 glasses.

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