>designer- patricia urquiola


I was going through outdoor furniture- for a very important project, It was way past work time, but i still wanted to finish the whole area before saying good night to work that day. It had been a busy week, 18 hours daily since a week was not easy on my spine(i have a weak one).

I then laid eyes on this piece of furniture and it changed my life…

This is where i found patricia urquiola… the genius! you can read about her here http://www.designboom.com/eng/interview/urquiola.html

I was inspired…. i then dug further in, to know about her..i get a little obsessive when i like somebody’s work, and i just wanted to know more… And sometimes the power of nature just forces you against the each other…I had a client who loved the chairs and asked me to specify them for his project! which i did!!! further, i also had the opportunity to view through moroso furniture for whom she has designed as well!!! I like the unbashed girliness she brings to her design. She is never pretentious and is not afraid… a close friend once told me that if i had to be a successful designer, I must dare to do what I love! it reflects so well about Ms Urquiola!
The swing chair…isnt it beautiful?the intricate mesh makes it more appealing!! check the setting! FABULOUS!. Not only did i specify her furniture for the project, i also turned into a big fan! I do not follow many furniture designers, but she is unique. Search her in the web and then you will know why!
Oh and did i tell you about forms? she has a way around forms, specially seating -when you observe closely, you have the thought that”hey i thought about that too! and its exactly how she’s made it!”
Check the night and day furniture below. You can work. play and relax by just converting it to your convenience.

And i have to add- shes the woman of colour…lovely bright colours..check her moroso range, and you will know what im talking about.

I could just go on and on, about the artist..shes just good..period!

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  1. >Hey Dins…this is a really nice one!!!

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