>Free at Last

>Hello everybody
Had to share this bit of conversation-
Met my most favourite couz Vee over lunch the other day at the Noodle house(hmm love the broccoli there..details sometime soon!)
Our conversation goes like this
Vee: Hey how u doing???? ur positively glowing!!!
Me: Haaa must be the yoga..and maybe just the fact that i quit?
Vee(Rather shocked!!?): Why??? are you pregnant???
Me: Hmmm No!
vee: Got a better job?? when are you joining?
me: Ahhh nope..im not joining anywhere, just taking a break..
Vee: Sure yeh…were you fired??? you can tell me!
Me: Uh nooooo!!!
Vee: Are you @#$%^&% MAD???
Me: Aaaaahmmm maybe..but i feel great
Vee being my favourite couz and a sweet soul then decides to quit getting me back to my senses..
she says: Well good for you..but what are you planning to do??? have you told ur family??? what has Darling husband have to say about this…are you sure it was such a great idea???
Me: I am not sure Vee..but i had a hectic schedule and suddenly realised wasnt spending enough time wid zaara nor was giving 100% at work..and you know me..impulsive that i am..i just decided to quit till i sort things out…Zaara’s school, probably move homes..maybe do some freelance???
And i want to pursue my dream…to be the “it” designer!!!
Vee:What works for you.. and a silence..
Further to that lunch, we did have fun and she did appretiate me wanting to do something different..and thats why i love her soo much!!:D
AND moving on…the gist of the matter is that I HAVE QUIT!!! and somehow feel soo liberated… Now i will be a freelancer-Blogger-baker-Cook etc etc…

And i hope you my friends will be a part of my journey…
A toast to me,improving my language- may culinary skills-my photography and my designs….



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3 responses to “>Free at Last

  1. >any1 would have reacted..d way vee did..but after listeng 2 ur say..its d rite decision u have made!and now eachday we will look forward for your new blogg 🙂

  2. ME!

    >aww…thanks pol..hoping to to one a day!!!

  3. >super! way to go ex 🙂

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